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CELDF’s Education Director, Ben G. Price, is a pioneer in establishing the legal Rights of Nature. He organized the first community on Earth to enact a Rights of Nature law (Tamaqua, PA, 2006). In 2019 he shared what he had learned from nearly two decades of community organizing and research in his book “How Wealth Rules the World: Saving Our Communities and Freedoms from the Dictatorship of Property.” Now he has written a fantasy adventure novel that reveals the magic that lives within the natural world but that industrializing societies have aggressively turned against. 

A Coming of Age Story of Love, Loss and Nature: Ogden by DGR News Service | Sep 25, 2023| gave this review:

It is rare to read something written from a nonhuman perspective without forcing humanlike qualities on them. Ben Price does exactly that in ‘Ogden: A Tale for the End of Time.’”

Storyteller, Ecologist and Author Andreas Kornevall describes the story this way: 

Ogden: A Tale for the End of Time takes us back to the moment when we had a choice between the cunning allure of today’s socially constructed virtual reality and the real magic of living in the natural world as participants, not just distant observers. The story connects us to an organic intelligence, where nature is infused with mysteries that transcend the human.” 

Can humanity survive when Nature is the judge?

Jennifer Murnan wrote:

“Within a bro-scape of pervasive male and human supremacy with all its attendant ills, the author of Ogden also weaves in love of life and living beyond the confinement of the onset of industrial civilization. Words cannot conceal what this tale of Trolls and men seeks to reveal, the beauty of nature and our severance from her.  The crescendo of this provocative tale is like no other I have ever encountered in the fantasy genre; it is a damning indictment of the source of Earth’s seventh mass extinction.  Perhaps it is only in fantasy, in dreams, that we can discover truth and our destiny as civilized humans? This is a raw, a revelatory and yes, a recommended read.”

Tom Mullian, Editor, La Mott Times says:

“’Ogden’ is fantasy of the highest order. In the lost and adopted character of the Troll baby Ogden, we witness his growth and maturation in the context of his loving human family. From the trial and error of innocence, we follow his rapid and sometimes humorous journey to maturation. He fulfils his ancient identity as a descendent of a very real and magical lineage, magic often being that which was once innate to the experience but is now relegated to dusty, brittle manuscripts. Ogden will leave you in wonder, wistful for more and an unwavering insight that Nature is sentient.” 

Ogden: A Tale for the End of Time

Ben G. Price

Addison & Highsmith Publishers (October 24, 2023)

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1592113132

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