CELDF provides a full range of organizing support in assisting community groups, whether they are seasoned or newly-formed with little activist experience. 

Though there are a number of aspects of “community rights” organizing that are similar to conventional organizing, what CELDF provides is the necessary support specifically focused on pegging immediate fights and campaigns to deeper challenges to exploitative structures of law and governance.

CELDF organizing support is delivered through training, advising, and high levels of collaboration with community groups within these key areas: 

  1. Community group development: Guidance on forming, maintaining, and growing a group
  2. Coalition Building: How to plan and manage successful coalition-building efforts
  3. Outreach/awareness: Guidance and tools on how best to get the word out
  4. Elected officials: How best to work with or deal with elected officials
  5. Petitioning: How to plan for and manage a successful petitioning drive
  6. Campaigning: How to plan for and manage a successful campaign
  7. Fundraising: Guidance on planning, budgeting, and making asks for funding support
  8. Volunteers: Guidance on recruiting help and cultivating volunteers
  9. Media: Training in key areas like creating press releases and developing talking points

CELDF tailors its organizing support to the needs of the community group. Each area of support draws not only upon the direct, collective experience of CELDF but from all the community groups and community rights networks that have been or are in current partnership with CELDF.

Contact us – there is no charge for our services. We do ask communities to cover travel expenses.

“Common Sense”: Organizing Primer

Trying to protect your community from fracking…pipelines…GMOs…or any number of other threats? Check out “Common Sense,” CELDF’s community rights organizing primer. Here we examine why we can’t get what we want as corporations and government work together to promote endless extraction and growth, and how community rights organizing is being leveraged by communities across the country to protect themselves and build the sustainable future they envision. Learn how to bring community rights to your community!