New informational video highlights a movement that pegs local battles to structural change within the law.

A new video is now released by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and its organizers Tish O’Dell (Ohio), Kai Huschke (Northwest + Hawaii), Michelle Sanborn (New Hampshire), Chad Nicholson (Pennsylvania), and Ben Price (National Organizer Director).

The 6-minute mini-documentary explains how, across numerous social issues—from housing, worker rights, environmental protection to gentrification—“the people in the community lack the legal authority to determine their own future, a basic tenet of democracy.”

That means something is seriously wrong. 

Beginning at the local level, CELDF organizers and our legal teamwork with groups, networks, and municipal governments to identify and challenge those wrongs. They challenge the ways economic entities, such as corporations, gain shelter from our existing legal system. They challenge how state governments enable those entities and preempt communities from protecting themselves. And they do it by building power locally and at the state level to “change state constitutions to eliminate the legal doctrines and hammers that favor the wealthy minority over the majority.” 

As power is built, and as demands for constitutional change are infused into existing political and social movements, revolutionary change is advanced to reorient the very purpose of our system of law.

This video isn’t about going viral. It is, however, about the power of the 99%—the masses who are the bedrock of this revolutionary movement.  It’s about righting wrongs. And it’s for sharing in our living rooms, viewing in theaters, and examining in trainings. It is for discussion, inspiration, and action.

Watch, share, and start a conversation within your community. Then get in touch, and help elevate the power of democracy above “corporate interference and unjust preemptive law.”

Watch, Share, and Start a Conversation in Your Community!

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