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You are tired of writing letters that end up in landfills. You are weary of spending hours on the phone just to talk to your representative’s answering machine. You have voiced your frustration with the system. CELDF listened.

We want to share a life-changing book with you. It reframes events through a Community Rights lens and offers a vision of a better legal future. Armed with its knowledge, you’ll learn how to take action to create change.

The time has come for a new American Revolution. Just the cost of shipping ($7) will bring this indispensable resource to your door, so you can become part of the movement.

It’s time to donate, learn, and take action.

The Book

Rebelling Against the Corporate State: Forging a Community Rights Movement is a collection of essays that survey both history and current affairs through the lens of how these events either attacked or supported Community Rights. The essays offer a solution through the possibility of a rights-based legal framework. This book shows how we got where we are and how people are using democratic, environmental, and economic rights to do something about it.

“Rather than bowing to what seems politically feasible, the [book] urges us to roll up our sleeves and remember where we come from. We are the heirs of the American Revolution” (Preface).

The Community Rights movement is the movement we’ve been waiting for – one not limited to environmental issues, but one which can advance indigenous rights, expand workplace rights, impose police accountability, challenge bank foreclosures, and establish rights to housing and healthcare.

Karenna Gore

What You Can Do

You can donate, learn, and take action, all in one easy step. We want to offer you the tool you need to join us in the Community Rights cause. For just the cost of shipping and handling ($7 for the first copy, plus $2 for every additional copy), this crucial anthology of experience and movement-building can be yours. Use extra copies to spread the word to your family and friends.

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