In 2017 voters of Lincoln County adopted a community rights law banning aerial spray of pesticides by the corporate timber industry. CELDF was involved in assisting in the drafting of the law along with supporting the effort to get it adopted. In 2019 the courts, at the behest of the timber industry, overturned that law leaving public health and the health of ecosystems vulnerable once again to toxic chemicals. CELDF also provided legal representation to Lincoln County Community Rights and the Siletz River watershed in that case.  In August 2023 it was announced that the Beaver Creek watershed, located outside of Seal Rock in Lincoln County, is going to be sprayed by timber interests. That watershed supplies water to over 5000 households which puts them squarely in harm’s way. This September 2023 presentation by CELDF’s ED Kai Huschke in Lincoln County walks the community through the realities they are facing and the options they have to protect themselves. 

Watch Kai Huschke speaking in Waldport, Oregon on September 24, 2023 – HERE.

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