August 9-13, 2023 in Wheelock, VT

On August 10th, CELDF’s Michelle Sanborn will be presenting at the New Moon Mycology Summit on the Rights of Nature.

The New Moon Mycology Summit is a gathering for communal learning around environmental + social justice through the lens of fungi. With 50+ presenters from various fields, this multi-day outdoor event offers interdisciplinary workshops, panel discussions, and skill-shares to bring a critical approach to science and education based in multiple ways of knowing.

Michelle will be sharing about how political and legal structures have been set up to protect the interests of an elite minority, at the expense of the majority of people and Nature, and how our current system of government and law have evolved to protect wealth and privilege over community self-government and biodiverse ecosystems. We’ll look at how communities have pushed back against these oppressive structures to reclaim democratic self-government and recognize Rights of Nature in their communities.

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