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American Delusion: How Dignity and Disobedience are the Keys to Transforming Into a Democracy

Date/Time/Location: August 21st, 7pm, Art Share Los Angeles + August 23rd, 7pm, Omni Commons Oakland.

The US Constitution is a 4,000-word death sentence for people and the planet. Myth and indoctrination have elevated a systemically corrupt document to such vaulted status that despite ecosystem collapse, massive inequality, and collective societal anxiety, the 99% find ourselves unable to transform our communities. 

American Delusion is an honest and provocative discussion about the realities of what we are up against including needing a new governing document, what it will take to change direction, and our chances of getting beyond a system of deadly capitalism. The evening event will be an intriguing mashup of law (elevating rights of nature), culture, movements (advocating for community rights), and corporate power (abolitioning corporate rights), and how the innate desire for a grassroots, community-led democracy emerges when we practice dignity and disobedience.


  • Dr. Camila Vergara – Constitutional scholar, grassroots democracy activist, and author of Systemic Corruption
  • Chad Nicholson – Community Resilience + Resistance Director for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and lead supporter of the community resistance efforts in Grant Township, Pennsylvania as featured in Rolling Stone and the documentaries the Invisible Hand and Hellbent
  • Kai Huschke – Executive Director for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

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