It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend and colleague, Gail Darrell. For nearly a decade, Gail has worked to protect communities across New England from corporate and government interests that sought to override the rights of ...


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CELDF In The News

WOUB Public Media: Group Wants Charter Government For Athens County To Fight Fracking
04/23/2015 - Residents of Athens County, OH, follow up on their successful campaign to ban fracking wastewater injection wells in Athens City, through a community rights campaign to protect people and the natural environment from that same wastewater through a county charter initiative.
The Athens News: Group pushes for county home rule, injection well ban
04/22/2015 - Athens County, OH, residents launch their community rights county charter campaign to protect communities from fracking wastewater injection wells countywide, through citizen initiative powers.
Press Release: Athens Launches Second Community Rights County Charter Campaign
04/21/2015 - Athens County, OH, joins Medina County to advance community rights to the county level through community rights county charter citizen initiatives. Counties across the state are threatened with fracking related activities, including frack wastewater injection wells and LNG pipelines, and are turning to community rights to protect themselves.
The Post: Citizens group hopes charter will empower county to stop pipeline
04/21/2015 - Medina County, OH, residents - finding no remedy in state government for the harms they face from proposed LNG pipelines - advance community rights through a citizens' initiative for a new county charter to protect themselves.

From Our Blog

Tribute to Audrey Moore
04/20/2015 - It’s with a heavy heart that we are sharing the news of the recent passing of Audrey Moore. Over the last two years Audrey has been a truly formidable force and trailblazer for community rights in Oregon.
In These Times: Sacrificing at the Altar of Energy
04/16/2015 - What are we willing to sacrifice at the altar of energy? Author and naturalist Charles Johnson beseeches us to look beyond science, beyond climatism, and beyond legal precepts about property - to look at love, humanity, and our connection with the land as we live in a time of ecological crisis.
Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity: Finally Being Heard: the Great Barrier Reef and the International Rights of Nature Tribunal
04/13/2015 - Just over a year ago, the International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature and Mother Earth sat for the first time in Quito, Ecuador. Here, Michelle Maoney of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance shares the powerful, alternative narrative that emerged from the Tribunal, whereby Rights of Nature are recognized, codified, and enforced.
OHCRN Statement: Broadview Heights, OH, County Court Decision Evokes Rallying Cry from Residents
03/15/2015 - While a County Court elevates corporate claimed "rights" over community rights in Broadview Heights, OH, residents assert the decision is illegitimate, and determine to continue on.