It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend and colleague, Gail Darrell. For nearly a decade, Gail has worked to protect communities across New England from corporate and government interests that sought to override the rights of ...


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CELDF In The News

Grant Township Votes to Form Government Study Commission
05/21/2015 - Grant Township, PA, residents, with over 80% of the vote, move to expand local decision-making through forming a Government Study Commission today. Residents face a frack wastewater injection well, and adopted a Community Bill of Rights banning it in 2014. Facing a lawsuit, they are taking the next step to expand local self-governance.
TribLive: Grant Township in Indiana County to pursue home rule charter
05/21/2015 - With nearly 80% of Grant Township, PA, voters approving a Government Study Commission, residents are aiming to place a Home Rule Charter, giving citizens initiative and referenda powers, on the November ballot. The Township faces a fracking wastewater injection well, and last year adopted a Community Bill of Rights banning the disposal of wastewater within the Township.
Lancaster Online: Despite home rule defeat, Martic and Conestoga residents vow to continue fight against pipeline
05/20/2015 - Martic and Conestoga Townships, in Pennsylvania, vow to continue their efforts to expand local decision-making and protect their communities from industrial gas pipelines.
The Indiana Gazette: Grant Township to get say on home rule
05/17/2015 - Grant Township, PA, residents pursue home rule as a means to expand democratic decision-making in their community, and protect themselves further from harmful corporate activities, such as PGE's attempting to inject frack wastewater within the Township.

From Our Blog

Dissident Voice: The Future is in the Past: Economics 101 for Spokane
05/12/2015 - An in-depth look at Spokane, WA, its economy, and what sustainable and just would mean to the almost 40,000 people living in poverty. This includes Envision Spokane's Worker Bill of Rights, aimed for the November 2015 ballot.
We the People, We Decide - Columbia County Sustainable Action for Green Community (CCSAGE)
05/04/2015 - Check out CCSAGE's video: Columbia County, OR, residents partner with CELDF to advance Community Rights to stop fossil fuel transportation threatening their communities.
PACRN Statement: Conestoga Township, PA, Resident Unjustly Arrested for Speaking Truth at a Public Meeting
05/01/2015 - The Pennsylvania Community Rights Network stands by Conestoga Township, PA, resident Kim Kann, who was arrested for speaking truth at a public meeting this week. Kann and other residents are tirelessly pursuing community rights to protect themselves from LNG pipelines, despite local government officials' hostility.
Truthout: The Carcinogenic Murder of Audrey Moore
04/27/2015 - Author Evaggelos Vallianatos pays tribute to Audrey Moore of Josephine County, OR - a community rights advocate who recently died from cancer caused by the poisons she was unwavering in trying to stop. Audrey's work lives on in those around her, who are steadfast in advancing the right of all living things to be free from chemical trespass.