First-in-the-nation action: Ecosystem files for intervention in lawsuit to defend own legal rights to exist and flourish - The Little Mahoning Watershed in Grant Township, PA, filed to intervene in a lawsuit in which PGE Corporation is claiming a corporate "right" to inject frack wastewater....


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CELDF In The News

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Benton County Voters Will Decide On GE Crop Ban Next Year
12/19/2014 - Residents of Benton County, OR, place a CELDF-drafted Food Bill of Rights on the ballot for May 2015, to protect community rights to local, sustainable food systems that are GMO-free.
WTAE Pittsburgh: Chronicle: Drilling Down (Part 6: "Whose Land is It?")
12/19/2014 - Residents of western Pennsylvania determine to protect their community, families, and the land by banning fracking through Community Bills of Rights, and Rights of Nature conservation easement.
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Pipeline meeting draws big crowd
12/16/2014 - Southern New Hampshire communities unite in opposition to a gas pipeline project threatening their Towns, and learn about Community Rights as a means to protect residents and local ecosystems. One PA ecosystem enters the court fray over fracking waste
12/15/2014 - As fracking, its wastewater, and fracking infrastructure grow, communities are adopting Community Bills of Rights to protect themselves - and now local ecosystems are using this rights-based structure to protect themselves as well.

From Our Blog Make no mistake, this is war
11/19/2014 - Blogger Magix reviews corporate onslaughts to advance their destruction - in this case, in Coos County, OR - and how communities are asserting their inalienable rights to protect themselves through enacting rights-based law.
Written Word, Spoken Word: SWEPI v. Mora County: The Purple Haze of U.S. Judge James Oren Browning
11/13/2014 - Blogger Frances Madeson shares the surreal proceedings in the oral arguments of the SWEPI v. Mora County, NM, case. SWEPI is suing to overturn Mora County's Community Water Rights and Local Self-Governance Ordinance.
Global Exchange's People to People Blog: Fracking Corporations Played the Democracy Game – Two Communities Set New Rules this Election
11/12/2014 - Growing numbers of communities - including Athens, OH, and Mendocino County, CA - banned fracking by asserting their inalienable right to make governing decisions, and elevating community rights above corporate claimed "rights" when they harm a community.
Punishing Democracy
11/10/2014 - Denton, TX, joins a growing number of communities being sued by their own government and corporate entities, to punish communities for democratically enacting bans on fracking.