It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend and colleague, Gail Darrell. For nearly a decade, Gail has worked to protect communities across New England from corporate and government interests that sought to override the rights of ...


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CELDF In The News

The Athens News: Courts not competent to rule on community bills of rights
03/26/2015 - Athens, OH, community rights advocate asserts the City's Community Bill of Rights banning fracking is about civil rights; as such, those rights cannot be overturned by any court. [CELDF note: The county judge in the referenced Broadview Heights, OH, case ignored the Civil Rights of residents because the City never used those rights in the defense of the ordinance.]
The Spokesman-Review: Envision Spokane initiative would add workers’ rights to city charter
03/25/2015 - Envision Spokane - a community, rights-based organization in Spokane, WA - is advancing a Worker's Bill of Rights for the November 2015 ballot that would protect workers' rights to a living wage, equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race, and other rights for workers.
Lancaster Online: Anti-home-rule group from Conestoga Township loses candidates in court ruling
03/25/2015 - As Conestoga Township, PA, residents advance community rights to protect themselves from LNG pipelines, opponents to their organizing try to undermine their Home Rule efforts. A Lancaster County Court judge ruled in favor of community rights supporters.
The Gazette: County judge rules against Broadview Hts. Bill of Rights ban on gas-oil well drilling
03/25/2015 - Broadview Heights, OH, residents urge a defense of their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking based on rights, not zoning and Home Rule.

From Our Blog

OHCRN Statement: Broadview Heights, OH, County Court Decision Evokes Rallying Cry from Residents
03/15/2015 - While a County Court elevates corporate claimed "rights" over community rights in Broadview Heights, OH, residents assert the decision is illegitimate, and determine to continue on.
New CELDF Website Resources - Check it Out!
02/19/2015 - Take a look at some of our educational materials available on our site - from new video, to statements on recent state Supreme Court decisions, to our Community Rights Papers - it's all right here!
CELDF Statement: Spokane Initiative Decision
02/04/2015 - In the face of corporations and government joining together to suppress the democratic rights of the people of Spokane, WA, to vote on a Community Bill of Rights, last week the Washington Court of Appeals overturned an earlier ruling and ordered the initiative be placed back on the ballot for a vote of the people.
MGX: Sustainable vs renewable and why ecosystems have rights
02/01/2015 - Blogger Magix of Coos County, OR, reviews a recent, standing room only meeting regarding their Community Bill of Rights initiative that would protect the community from LNG pipelines projects. The meeting included distinguishing between "renewable" and "sustainable" - the latter being locally-based and community controlled.