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We are not a typical environmental organization. We assist communities to develop first-in-the-nation, groundbreaking laws to protect rights – including worker, environmental, and democratic rights, and rights of nature. CELDF provides free and low cost legal services, grassroots organizing, and education, to communities, states, and countries facing injustice. We help them to assert their rights to fight the harms they face. Learn more about how we work, or call us now at: 717-498-0054.

News from the Grassroots

  • EugeneWeekly.com: Aerial Spray Ban

    Lincoln County, OR, residents recently adopted the nation's first countywide ban on aerially-sprayed pesticides. They're celebrating their win - and preparing to defend their law as it is challenged by industry.

  • Orion Magazine: Speaking of Nature

    Changing our relationship with nature in part means changing our language. It means shifting away from talking about nature as an object, to recognizing nature as alive - and how we are in relationship.

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  • Ohio Counties Fighting for Their Rights and Their Future

    Ohio residents in Medina, Portage, and Athens Counties are fighting to protect themselves from fracking wastewater injection wells, pipelines, compressor stations, and more. In response, the corporate states is placing people’s environmental and democratic rights in their cross-hairs.

    These communities aren’t blinking.

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  • Sign Up Now to Support Youngstown, OH, Fighting for Community Rights

    Youngstown, OH, residents, like many communities across the U.S., live under a structure of law and governance that favors big business exploitation and profits over the democratic and environmental rights of communities. With the oil and gas industry and their own local government working against them, the Youngstown community refuses to give up.

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