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At CELDF, we are not a typical environmental organization. We assist communities to develop first-in-the-nation, groundbreaking laws to protect rights – including worker, environmental, and democratic rights, and rights of nature. CELDF provides free and low cost legal services, grassroots organizing, and education, to communities, states, and countries facing injustice. We help them to assert their rights to fight the harms they face. Learn more about how we work, or call us now at: 717-498-0054.

Fast Facts by CELDF

Our Fast Facts are quick introductions to big ideas and concepts tackled by the Community Rights Movement! Check out our Fast Facts and find resources to more information to further your knowledge on the topics! Watch them all here

News from the Grassroots

  • Financial Threats to Rights of Nature Lawmaking

    The New Hampshire-based Nottingham Water Alliance, which previously campaigned to adopt the Freedom From Chemical Trespass Ordinance, filed a brief opposing a corporation's demand for $50,000 in taxpayer dollars for attorney fees. G&F Goods, LLC filed a lawsuit against the local ordinance claiming the ...

  • Lawsuit to Protect Direct Democracy During Pandemic Dismissed by Court

    The COVID-19 shutdown orders halted the signature collection efforts of petitioners in Columbus, Ohio. On April 14, the U.S. District Court for Southern Ohio dismissed the request of petitioners to extend their collection deadline. COVID-19 restrictions have shifted deadlines for nearly all aspects - ...

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