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Our work is based on the premise that communities should make the decisions that affect them. Working with communities on local law-making, we understand that an authentic movement must  center the leadership most affected by the problems we’re all trying to solve. A racist, colonial, capitalist government harms us all, but it oppresses Black, indigenous, immigrant, and other people of color, poor people, women, trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people, disabled people, and combinations of these identities with particular intensity and violence.

We cannot be environmentalists unless we are anti-racists. Our focus is not to divert attention from Black and indigenous-lead movements, but rather to encourage white environmentalists to address white supremacy within and outside our organizations. Protecting ecosystems and empowering communities requires that we fight racial capitalism, not as saviors but rather as people wishing to exploit the conditioned privilege of an oppressive society on behalf of collective liberation. To fight against habitat destruction is to fight against the racism, colonialism, and imperialism that drive this development. We must learn from and lend support to people with experience in those fights.

Are you working on Rights of Nature, environmental racism, indigenous governance, imaginative forms of community self-governance, state preemption, community engagement? Is your community impacted by issues around police brutality, houselessness, hostility to immigrants, criminalization of poverty, gender inequality, transphobia, structural or interpersonal racism, inadequate healthcare, inadequate public education, unlivable wages, air and water poisoning, climate change, or and environmental degradation?

We welcome your guest blog contributions to add to and enlighten our conversations. The challenges we face demand solidarity, creativity, deep knowledge sharing, synthetic thinking, historical understanding, and a fusion of perspectives. We, at CELDF, understand that we can broaden our vision by giving you the space to express yours.

Please reach out, we would love to discuss working with you and publishing your writing, or, if the circumstances are right, re-publishing your work for our audience.

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