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Grant Township, PA: A Stand to Protect Their Water & Their Community

Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) Corporation is demanding that Grant Township, PA, residents submit to the company’s demands to site a fracking wastewater injection well within the Township.

Grant residents are not complying. Instead, they are fighting for what they cherish: their water, land, homes – their community.

Communities Fighting for Rights

In 2014, CELDF assisted Grant Township to draft a Community Bill of Rights ordinance prohibiting the dumping of toxic frack waste within the community. The Township adopted the measure, joining more than a dozen other communities across the state who have banned fracking activities as well.

They were promptly sued by PGE. The company claimed that its corporate constitutional “rights” were violated by the ban. A federal judge overturned parts of the ordinance that banned frack waste.

Residents responded. In 2015, voters adopted a new rights-based Home Rule Charter – a local constitution – and reinstated the ban on frack waste dumping. And in 2016, in a first-in-the-world action, the Township passed a law legalizing nonviolent direct action to protect the community from frack waste if the courts fail to do so.

Department of Environmental Protection Sues … Grant Township

Upping the ante even more, in early 2017, Grant Township was sued by its own state “environmental protection” agency – the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Why would an environmental agency sue a community for attempting to protect the environment?

The DEP claims that Grant’s ban on frack waste interferes with state oil and gas policy. Not only does industry have the state working on their behalf—but our own environmental protection agencies are fighting for them as well.

The Corporate State

The definition of “corporate state” has never been clearer: Corporations and state environmental agencies are working together to sue communities like Grant Township for daring to protect their community’s health and safety.

Grant Residents in Action

Community members are unwavering in their commitment, and CELDF is with them. The Township has countersued the DEP for violating, among other things, the people’s right to local self-government. And the Township is continuing to fight in support of the people’s original Community Bill of Rights ordinance banning fracking, which will be going to trial.

Join Grant Township residents in their fight to protect their community from PGE and their own Department of Environmental Protection!


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Dear People of Grant Township:

I support you as you fight to protect clean air, water, and soil in Grant Township! You have a right to make the decisions about what happens where you live. The actions of PGE and the Department of Environmental Protection are a blatant violation of your democratic and environmental rights. Thank you for your courage to stand up for what is right – you are an inspiration to other communities across the country!

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