The Transnational Institute of Social Ecology hosted an international conference dedicated to social ecologist Murray Bookchin’s legacy, exploring social ecology and its future development. CELDF’s Ben Price presented a paper to the conference on the synergistic relationship between municipal activism CELDF has worked on in the United States and the broader internationalist Global Municipalist Movement. The paper, “Municipalism’s Escape from the Colonizing Imperatives of Empire in the U.S.,” was co-authored by Price and Simon Davis-Cohen.

TRISE is a transnational network of intellectual activists founded in 2013. They seek to be a resource to all those concerned with real democracy. Their aim is to work across the entire Urban Question with both ecology and the development of urbanization as our main interests. Our activities are focused on research, education and training.

TRISE Conference, Day 1 – View Here

TRISE Conference, Day 2 – View Here

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