Everything begins with education

Central to our work in helping communities to protect themselves from harm and assert their rights to sustainable and healthy systems, is education.

Education is key to understanding why we are subjected to environmental, economic, and social harms and exploitation, how we got here, and what we can do about it. Grasping the systemic nature of what our communities face empowers us to take action.

CELDF provides online and printed materials to help reveal how our structure of law and governance supports and perpetuates the harms inflicted on our communities. Our materials include Common Sense, On Community Civil Disobedience, and the Community Rights Papers.

As well – in addition to our national Democracy School – we are working with our state Community Rights Networks to create state-based Community Rights Workshops. These workshops are designed on the Democracy School model; however, the curricula are state-based, making the content more relevant to people, where they live. State Community Rights Workshops are launched in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and are being created in New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington.