Feature image by Andrea Bowers – “Honor Earth”

Feb 2-May 26, 2024 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The “Exist, Flourish, Evolve” art show will be held at The Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art and will focus on Rights of Nature and the Great Lakes in particular.

Image by Andrea Bowers – “Everything is Part of Everything”
Image by Andrea Bowers – “Plants Animals and Seeds are not Human Inventions
Image by Andrea Bowers – “Every Storm Runs out of Rain”

Andrea Bowers, Los Angeles based activist artist, learned of CELDF when she heard about the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR). She grew up in Ohio just a few steps from Lake Erie. After hearing about LEBOR Andrea reached out to CELDF to learn more about our work with Rights of Nature and asked how she could help the movement. Art has always been a way to inspire people’s thinking and challenge their beliefs, along with activism. We are thrilled with the collaboration between Andrea and CELDF and we can’t wait for the show to open!


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