This year’s Peatfest is focusing on the rights of peatlands. Inspired by the overall rights of nature movement and the CELDF assisted Declaration of Rights of Wetlands the youth-led Re-Peat organization says this about what they are looking to gain from the 4-day festival, “we see a huge amount of value in connecting the Rights of Nature movement to peatlands, and want to collaboratively kickstart the process of acknowledging these rights. As a powerful tool, Rights of Nature has the potential to transform our relationship with the natural world when done in collaboration with other vital decolonial work.”

CELDF will be leading a workshop on dismantling corporate privilege and elevating local-self determination in the context of evolving legal rights of nature. CELDF will also be part of a panel titled “Universal Declaration of the Rights of Wetlands: How Do We Operationalize These Rights?” with international colleagues from the Rights of Wetlands working group. The Rights of Wetlands working group, of which CELDF is a part, will be presenting a draft on the intrinsic rights of wetlands at the Ramsar COP14 to be held in Switzerland this November.

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