In February 2019, just days before the Toledo special election on the Lake Erie Bill of Rights in Toledo Ohio, Philip Jurus heard an interview on NPR about the upcoming vote. The interview moved him to write to me and share a poem he had written about Lake Erie and her distressed condition back in 1964. That poem was titled “The Grand Old Man is Dying” and it moved me to tears. So our relationship started out with emotion and moving each other and we have formed a meaningful friendship in the years since. Phil is an artist, a woodcarver, writer, poet, photographer, and a songwriter living in Hershey PA. He sings in the Hershey Community Chorus. Phil is a modern Renaissance man.

Phil is also a lover and protector of nature and so of course we connected on this topic. He is extremely kind and has a positive attitude that is contagious. Whenever I see an email from Phil, I open it as soon as I can because I know it will make me feel good to read it! We all know that in these times with so much bad news, positive messages and uplifting news are to be treasured.

On February 10 of this year, a message from Phil appeared in my email. I was anxious to open it — 


A while ago I mentioned that I had written a song titled “There’s a Great Big Giant Pluriverse” (my version of multi-universes”). I have not recorded it as my guitar ability is impaired by the arthritis in my hands. However I’ve taken photos of the original handwritten pages. I hope you can discern the words (coffee stains and all).  Written in 1970. Maybe I’ll find a person to accompany me (the chords are there), teach them the tune and record it.

Many of you are already aware that we have a very talented songwriter and musician on CELDF staff, Michelle Sanborn. I contacted her and asked if she might be willing and able to look at Phil’s song. I told her a bit about Phil and how wonderful it would be if she could help him make his wish a reality as he does so much to make this world and his community a better place. Michelle immediately agreed and this recording by Michelle Sanborn of “There’s a Great Big Giant Pluriverse”, written by Philip Jurus, is the collaboration between two amazing artists who care deeply about nature. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and that you will share it with others.

Life is all about relationships and this relationship is one I am so happy to be a small part of and that my path crossed with Mr. Philip Jurus of Hershey, Pennsylvania. And a special thank you to Lake Erie who brought us together.

There’s a great big giant “Pluriverse” made of things we call the Universe.

Never stops nor goes back in reverse. It Isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

You can’t see it with the naked eye, or a telescope even tho’ you try.

Got no property for anyone to buy. It isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

In this “Pluriverse” there are many worlds, planets, galaxies, and stars unfurled;

There’s also one very special world. It isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

On this one small earth, there are many things; frogs and fish, gully cats, birds out on their wings.

And some special creatures we call “human beings” – just like you, just like me.

There’s a great big giant “Pluriverse” made of things we call the Universe.

Never stops nor goes back in reverse. Isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

About these human beings, there is much to convey.

There’s A Great Big Giant Pluriverse

(Written by Philip Jurus in 1970 using, “Pluriverse” to describe multiple Universes. Arrangement by Michelle Sanborn)

Michelle Sanborn is a self-taught singer-songwriter and performer of an eclectic variety of music styles including contemporary folk, country, and soft rock. She also works as a community organizer for CELDF in New England, assisting grassroots community groups to develop first-in-the-nation, groundbreaking laws for worker rights, houseless rights, democratic rights, and the Rights of Nature. Michelle accompanies herself with a warm-sounding baritone ukulele and has been sharing her passion for singing at open mics, farmer’s markets, and charity events around New England. Enjoy her whimsical music style that will be sure to please your ears and touch your heart!

They are big they are small, like to work and play.

Some are quiet, some are loud, some have much to say, just like you, just like me.

Since we cannot comprehend this big “Pluriverse,” and we can’t understand just one Universe.

It‘s in people, then, we must ourselves immerse, just like you, just like me.

It’s important then, for them all to live; to take from each other, also, how to give.

To be people who can love, and forgive. Just like you, just like me.

So, the message we will take away, all you beautiful people who are here today, take the love you’ve found and to others say, “It’s for you, it’s from me.”

There’s a great big giant “Pluriverse” made of things we call the Universe.

Never stops nor goes back in reverse. Isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

Isn’t yours, isn’t mine. Isn’t yours, isn’t mine.

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