Saturday, December 11 @ 9 AM – 3PM PDT

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, Kai Huschke will be presenting at the 31st annual Kitsap County Conference for Human Rights. The conference is free but pre-registration is required prior to the day of the event. There is no need to sign up for specific conference sessions in advance. View the conference schedule here.

Session Preview: The western construct of “man over nature” is careening the planet towards cataclysmic collapse. The collective violence, domination, and disconnection keeping us from the land is impacting us physically, emotionally, financially, and socially. From pre-colonial times to the corporate colonizers of today, the lens of power has been shaped by treating nature as a legal thing, as property to own, control, and destroy.

Restoring our relationship to nature means restoring our human systems, including the legal system, to function just as healthy ecosystems do. Learn and discuss how we’ve gotten to this point, what is happening now to transform deep structures, and how traditional ways and the efforts to include justice into law for humans and non-humans is moving more and more into reality.

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