House Bill 1716 is a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution. It would secure the right of self-government to every community in Pennsylvania. It was introduced earlier this year by state Representatives Danielle Friel-Otten and Dianne Herrin.

Both representatives had been active in their communities before taking state office, and understood how the current balance of power favors corporate industrial interests at the expense of community rights and nature’s rights. CELDF and the PA Community Rights Network are now working with reps. Friel-Otten and Herrin to develop support among other state representatives, local elected officials and community groups from across the state. The current plan is for there to be a hearing before the Local Government committee in early 2022.

If you would like to read the text of the amendment, please visit

There is also a place on that website where you and/or any group you are affiliated with may sign on in support. For further questions/information, please contact Chad Nicholson at or 207.541.3649.

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

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