The NH Community Rights Network (NHCRN) has introduced the NH Community Rights state constitutional amendment three times in the past five years with rejection from party leadership and elected state representatives each time. Granite State voters have been denied a vote, not yet gaining the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want the right to make governing decisions at the local level over matters of health, safety, and welfare.

The NHCRN has assisted numerous supporters that have testified in favor of the Community Rights Amendment, but legislative committee members insisted upon the opinion of local elected officials above those of their own constituents. As a means to gain feedback from local elected officials, the NHCRN launched a municipal outreach campaign this September; they sent out letters inviting local electeds to support the Amendment effort by placing a Right of Community Self-government Resolution on local ballots in the spring of 2022. Along with the letter, each municipality received the new publication, “How to Protect Your Community – Enact Local Democracy Now!” and a return postcard to schedule a brief educational presentation for the local governing boards. 

To learn more about the ongoing efforts of the NHCRN and to download a free copy of How to Protect Your Community – Enact Local Democracy Now! visit or contact them at today.

Photo by Seth Dewey on Unsplash

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