Wednesday, October 6th @ 6pm PST/ 9am EST

Recent voter suppression laws in Kansas and Texas have many rightfully up in arms. Keeping people at a stiff arm’s length from voting is unequivocally undemocratic. But that’s not even the worst of it. What happens when the people are denied the vote all together or when they do vote to raise the standards of health and safety protections their vote is nullified? A growing national trend – orchestrated and promoted by corporate interests – is on the increase where it comes democratic rights like ballot access denial to citizen made policy proposals and the hammer of state preemption obliterating citizen made law aimed at raising the standards of protection.

This ORCRN presentation and discussion will focus on the issues of ballot access denials and nullification of direct legislation happening in Oregon and elsewhere on issues ranging from fossil fuels to pesticide use to wages to public health to local democracy. Learn and contribute to what is happening, how it is affecting communities, and what is being done to challenge the injustices and change these realities for the future.

Please join us October 6th for a deep dive into 21st Century democracy with our presenters, Kai Huschke, Community Organizer and Terry Lodge, attorney for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

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