Why do we rarely win against corporations targeting our communities? How did we get to this place? SIMPLE.

Corporations – and their allies – have been busy manufacturing a structure of law over the last 150 years that insulates them from community control.

What will it take to change the current reality to deal with the issues that matter the most to us in Oregon?

This 2-hour workshop hosted by the Oregon Community Rights Network and the CELDF will provide an overview of:

  • Why conventional activism is not up for the job to implement the changes needed.
  • Overview of the corporate-controlled legal box containing our communities.
  • Origins of the right of local self-government + corporate “rights”.
  • Building a new people’s movement: Community Rights!-What it will take to build and protect a viable and sustainable Oregon.

Presented by Kai Huschke, CELDF organizer: Kai is a long-time organizer for CELDF working primarily with communities in the Northwest. Kai is also a lecturer for CELDF’s national Democracy School and on the board of the Oregon Community Rights Network. He lives on the traditional land of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene tribes along Hangman Creek in Spokane, Washington.

Registration for this event is now closed.

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