The new award-winning documentary THE PEOPLE VS. AGENT ORANGE is now screening in theaters near you! CELDF is proud to sponsor limited nationwide screenings ahead of the national premiere on PBS, forthcoming in summer 2021. CELDF is sponsoring screenings in California, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. Contact us for details.

The inspiring and enraging film follows women-led resistance to the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam war, and its use in Oregon, following the war. It features behind-the-scenes access to grassroots resistance in Oregon and Vietnam, and gut wrenching first-person accounts of sacrifice and resolve. The film, directed by Kate Taverna and Alan Adelson, features Carol Van Strum, an active participant in Community Rights and Rights of Nature organizing in Oregon.

As part of her activism, Van Strum is the human spokesperson for the Siletz River watershed in active litigation coming out of a challenge to the aerial pesticide spray ban Lincoln County enacted in 2017.

Critics call the new award-winning documentary INVISIBLE HAND a “paradigm shifting” story. The film explores the global Rights of Nature and community rights movements, including indigenous activism and CELDF’s work in Grant Township, PA and Toledo, OH. Screenings are proliferating across the nation.

“People are adapting to these perils in daring and creative ways—and winning,” says the film’s executive director Mark Ruffalo. “INVISIBLE HAND shows how to fight the forces that put profit above all else while addressing the root cause of our flawed system.” We can help you organize a screening and Q&A for your community. Contact us.

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