CELDF is honored to work in solidarity with a new French-speaking network to advance the Rights of Nature in Europe. The network includes Loire Parliament, Valentransition, A.R.B.R.E.S., id-eau, Notre Affaire à Tous and others. 

“We are now working to grow the network with other similar organizations and communities active in the defense of the ecosystems in which they live,” says Marie Toussaint, a convenor of the network and member of the European Parliament.

In January 2020 Notre Affaire à Tous and Toussaint were among over 1,000 individuals and organizations who signed a public statement of support for the Lake Erie Bill of Rights. Messages came in from across the globe, including from Canada, Mexico, Chile, Romania, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France and England. 

Building off this solidarity, CELDF Organizer Tish O’Dell, who worked on the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, participated in a symposium in early 2021 calling for the recognition of the Rights of Nature within Europe. International solidarity and sharing of lessons-learned is powerful in weaving together the many local fights we face internationally. We are honored to participate.

Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

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