An Earth Day Webinar Series

Each year we celebrate the failed environmental policies associated with the so-called modern environmental movement on Earth Day. Despite this global celebration and calls to action, the climate crisis and ecosystem collapse continue to intensify. For too long we have been led to believe our federal regulations and agencies were put in place to protect the environment. The truth is these laws have systematically failed to protect Nature and public health – disproportionately affecting communities of color. This year – let’s halt the phony celebration and recognize the pitfalls embedded within annual Earth Day actions, so we can do things differently.

We invite you to join us for a three-part Earth Day webinar Q&A series as we facilitate honest and open conversations about the shortcomings and compromises of Environmental Activism and how we can be empowered to move Beyond Earth Day.

Registration is now closed, but the videos are linked below.

Green Illusions: Confronting the Earth Day Myth

April 1st @ 8:00 PM EST

Join us for a live conversation as we confront the illusions of the so-called Environmental Movement. To rethink our approach towards lasting systemic change, we have to understand how environmental policies have fooled us into thinking we are engaged in meaningful change. We have more to offer than voting and our purchasing power. Individual actions make an impact, but our dismantling of unjust systemic barriers requires collective actions. We are far from powerless in this new climate reality.

Intersectionality: Why Racial Justice is Essential to the Environmental Movement

April 15th @ 8:00 PM EST

Racial capitalism drives environmental degradation. White supremacy culture pervades movement spaces, preventing us from building collective power to our fullest potential.  Why must we make the shift from white-centered environmentalism to intersectional organizing? Legitimate environmental work must be intertwined with movements for Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty. Join us for an open discussion on why it’s important and how we get there.

Beyond Earth Day: Earth-Centric Solutions by Disaster or Design

April 29th @ 8:00 PM EST

In the final segment of our webinar series, we focus on how we can create local earth-centric solutions that respect the Rights of Nature and support future generations. How can we identify and avoid the false solutions that continue the same extractive practices and harmful outputs that are destroying the earth? We must be ready to admit that climate change will only continue if we rely on the same technologies and systems that got us here.

Change is not “coming” — it is already here and rapidly intensifying. We can respond by disaster or design. We can respond by doubling down on the exploitative mindset that got us to this point and buying or legislating some of us out of a crisis, or by rejecting racial capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism by embracing collective liberation as the only meaningful solution.

Photo by Melissa Bradley on Unsplash

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