There is a lot we can do from home. Here are a few ideas.

Organize an Online Democracy School

CELDF now offers a virtual version of its Democracy School. The four modules educate the public about rights-based organizing, inform participants about how the system under which we currently live undermines traditional activism, and introduce strategies for how empowering local decision-making can create the communities we envision. Recent schools have been held in Maine, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and Florida. These schools are designed to educate and build a local community group willing to challenge the current system and work together to come up with rights-based solutions. If you are interested in organizing one for your community, contact:

Host a Film Screening

Host a film screening and panel discussion to start the conversation around Community Rights or Rights of Nature in your community. Contact us to set up a screening of one of the films below.

CELDF staff members are available to help plan a panel discussion, workshop, or Q&A as well as facilitate screening set up between your community and the filmmakers. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started.

Help Distribute the People’s News

Grassroots movements need help getting the word out. We can’t rely on platforms like Facebook. Their algorithms get in the way. And as these platforms continue to obstruct social and environmental activists and organizations we are reminded of the need to strengthen our own independent means of communication. Help distribute our paper newsletter in your community.

Additional Resources