A virtual round-table discussion over Zoom

Presented by Community Rights San Juan Islands (CRSJI)

Community Rights San Juan Islands (CRSJI) is a Washington State Non-Profit Organization based on Lopez Island that is working to recognize the Rights of Nature for the Salish Sea. They are actively working to bring information to the island communities that will help guide concerned citizens of existing and proposed projects that have the potential to increase environmental harm to the ecosystems within San Juan County and the Salish Sea bio-region.

CRSJI  members are concerned daily by national news about the degradation and disregard for existing federal protections of the nation’s natural environment. They are aware that citizen concerns regarding the environmental impacts of proposed projects are not being heard.

Realizing how difficult in-person participation can be in these unprecedented times, this program provides a virtual platform for those looking for answers and guidance as to the most effective ways one can participate in a process for greater environmental protections.

Registered Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from current leaders both in local government and non-profit organization scientists on what they see as crucial areas of concern and actions that can be taken.


WA State 40th District Representative – Alex Ramel
WA State 40th District Representative – Debra Lekanoff
Marine Protection and Policy Director Friends of the San Juans – Lovel Pratt
Port Angeles City Council Member and CELDF Attorney – Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
SEADOC Scientist – Dr. Joe Gaydos
Salish Sea Activist, musician, and Lopezian – Kurtis Dengler

Photo by Tim Cole on Unsplash

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