The Mark Ruffalo production explores the global Rights of Nature movement, including CELDF’s story and work in Grant Township, PA and Toledo, OH.

September 4th, 2020 is the virtual World Premiere of INVISIBLE HAND, a documentary from Public Herald Studios about the Rights of Nature and community rights movements, narrated and executively produced by actor and advocate Mark Ruffalo.

Critics call the film a “paradigm shifting” story. It features CELDF’s work in Grant Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and Toledo, Ohio

The film features CELDF’s Markie Miller, Tish O’Dell, Chad Nicholson, Ben Price, and other staff.

Following the World Premiere will be a panel discussion featuring Markie Miller, degawëno:da’s (he who thunderz) of the Wolf Clan, Seneca Nation of Indians, Mark Ruffalo, co-directors Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic, and editor Andrew Geller.

Watch the official Trailer.

Watch the post film premiere discussion below.

“Our legal system is rigged to commodify Nature, to favor private property above Life,” said INVISIBLE HAND co-writer & director Melissa Troutman. “It’s a system that makes it perfectly legal to harm innocent people without their consent and threaten the survival of the planet.”

Co-writer and director Joshua Pribanic says, “INVISIBLE HAND is about witnessing the elephant in the room before it’s extinct. It’s showing us that, when face-to-face with the harmful effects of capitalism and our current way of life, Rights of Nature becomes the battle cry. My hope is that wherever you are, this film can speak to your fight.”

“People are adapting to these perils in daring and creative ways – and winning,” Ruffalo added. “INVISIBLE HAND shows how to fight the forces that put profit above all else while addressing the root cause of our flawed system.”

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