Published October 1, 2019, in The Blade

While I appreciate the city of Toledo fighting for the rights of its citizens on behalf of the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, something that was passed by over 60 percent, I have no illusion that the powers from the state government intend to squash it and the people’s movement toward self-governance.

LEBOR is attempting to make systematic change, something those in power don’t take kindly to.

What those in Columbus do not understand is that the people are fed up. They say they fight for clean water yet approved two new animal factory farms recently. They insist that their Band-Aid will stop the bleeding but refuse to acknowledge what we’re dealing with is a mortal wound.

The state has tried to stop us again and again, but one thing lawmakers forget about Ohioans is that we’re stubborn, especially when our lives, the lives of our children, and the life of Lake Erie is at risk.


West Toledo

The writer is an organizer for Toledoans for Safe Water”

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