Published August 20th, 2019, in The Bryan Times

The Bryan Times,

I have listened to the critics of the charter initiative. Frankly, I have grown tired of the unjust and unfounded attacks on the good men and women who have fought for several months to protect our water for future generations.

Some of the critics are attempting to steer everyone’s attention away from the real issue facing our community.

I will again remind everyone, people and local governments wanted to prevent AOP or anyone else from selling water outside the boundaries of the Michindoh.

After the court ruled against the charter, the Bryan Chamber of Commerce and Terry Rummel issued statements opposing the charter initiative.

The question is — where do they stand on AOP’s plan?

Several months ago, I was told by Dan Yahraus that the chamber would not take a position of opposition to AOP because it could not get the support of all their members.

Commissioner Terry Rummel abstained from voting on the resolution to AOP’s plan in July 2018.

So, the question remains unanswered.

Stewart Rosendaul
Bryan, OH

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