CELDF appeared on the Daily Show to share the message that Lake Erie has been recognized as having inalienable rights. We offer our sincere thanks to Toledo community members who partnered with CELDF and took action to protect the ecosystem and their sole source of drinking water! Check out Michael Kosta from the Daily Show reporting on CELDF and Toledoans for Safe Water here:

In August of 2014, the Western Basin of Lake Erie was devastated by a harmful bloom of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Nearly 500,000 Toledo area residents had no clean drinking water for three days due to high levels of Microcystin. A multitude of factors has left Lake Erie vulnerable to these frequent and intense algal blooms. Toledoans for Safe Water started legal action to protect the Lake and protect the people’s right to access safe and clean water.

Lake Erie has now become the first ecosystem in the United States to be recognized in law as having rights to exist, flourish, and evolve. This crucial legal step comes as part of the growing Rights of Nature movement. Learn more about this groundbreaking law here.

CELDF remains on the front lines of the movement to protect nature, the environment, and people. We assist local communities, organizations, and governments to advance Rights of Nature and drive those rights into law.

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