Toledo, Ohio: Today, citizens of Toledo, Ohio will be filing a Pro Se Complaint to validate the Lake Erie Bill of Rights at the Lucas County Courthouse, 10 a.m. As citizens of the City of Toledo, Michael Ferner, Bryan Twitchell, and John Michael Durback, voted for enactment of this amendment to the charter and seek to enforce and uphold LEBOR’s protections.

Residents of Toledo face a serious threat, not only from the consequences of a polluted lake, but from the State of Ohio. By undermining the power of the people through attacks on municipalities for refusing to sit idle, corporate compliance programs, and ignoring current legislation meant to control devastation of this precious resource, the citizens of Toledo have had enough.

“A movement begins with individuals standing against a system meant to keep them on their knees.  We witnessed other countries and communities standing and realized we must rise up as well. Once people realize that the purpose of our current government is not to protect its citizens well being, other cities will stand too. Many already are,” John Michael Durback.

Local activist Mike Ferner says “Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution states that “All men are, by nature, free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those enjoying and defending life and liberty… and seeking and obtaining happiness and safety,” so why is the state of Ohio preventing the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, something that not only brings happiness to citizens, but also safety and life through the promise of fresh water, untainted by pollution?”

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights went to a vote in February after months of fighting a system rigged to prevent citizen action. The citizens of Toledo voted in favor, but the state has decided that the people’s effort and action won’t determine their decisions. The citizens of Toledo recognize the legitimacy of LEBOR, something created by the people for the people, no matter what the courts say.

“With Independence day quickly approaching, maybe it’s time to demand our right to self govern from our own damn government,” [stated] Bryan Twitchell.

June, 27, 2019
Crystal Jankowski 419-575-2318
Mike Ferner 419-729-7273

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