Election results are in: Congratulations to the people of Grant Township and West Chester Borough, PA, where community rights banning fracking activities are codified in municipal home rule charters! Check out their stories below. Learn more about the grit and courage of Youngstown, OH, residents, in their fight for community rights, and the pioneering groundwork laid by Spokane, WA, residents as they advance worker rights.

And we are pleased to share the launch of CELDF’s new website! Check us out: celdf.org. Many thanks to HKW, based in Spokane, WA, for their creativity and design!

Grant Township, PA Asserts Rights in a People’s Municipal Charter

With the state, industry, and a federal court telling Grant Township it can’t say “No” to frack waste, the people approve a Home Rule Charter and Bill of Rights banning waste.

West Chester, PA Adopts Community Rights Frack Ban

The people of West Chester overwhelmingly adopt a rights-based charter amendment, protecting their right to a healthy environment and to democratic, local self-government.

Youngstown: Just Shy of Victory

Advocating for community rights and fighting to protect their clean air and water for 2 1/2 years, last night Youngstown, Ohio, came closer than ever to codifying their rights.

Spokane, WA Advances Worker Rights

The people of Spokane, WA, advanced the first-in-the-nation Worker Bill of Rights initiative requiring a family wage in yesterday’s election. Spokane residents understand they are leading the way in  placing rights of real people above those claimed by corporations. Learn more about worker rights.

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