May 1st, 2015


On April 28, Kim Kann, a resident of Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, PA, was arrested at a public Township meeting for attempting to clarify misinformation spread by speakers at the Township-sanctioned event.

Her crime? Correcting factual inaccuracies put forward by the forum’s speakers. See specifics here:

When elected officials unjustly attempt to curtail free speech, and when community members are then arrested for telling the truth, the reasons for pursuing Home Rule are clearer than ever: Residents need new tools to hold their elected officials accountable.

All major movements in this country — from the Abolitionists to the Suffragists, to the Labor and Civil Rights Movements — have had their advocates thrown in jail for refusing to bow down to those in power.

Kim Kann is one of those advocates, tirelessly working to protect her community and ensure sure that community members have accurate information. Inspired by her courageous stand, those committed to justice will continue to stand up and be heard.

We at the Pennsylvania Community Rights Network stand with Kim, and pledge our unwavering support to her.

The Pennsylvania Community Rights Network is a grassroots organization that assists Pennsylvania communities to establish community rights to democratic local self-governance. That work includes assisting communities to draft Community Bills of Rights  – in effect, local constitutions – that assert new civil and political rights for the community, and prohibit harmful corporate activities that would infringe on those rights.


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