COCRN Fundraiser

The Colorado Community Rights Network is launching a major campaign for the resubmission of the Colorado Community Rights Amendment to be filed in 2015. The Amendment is the most powerful grassroots effort within our state to protect communities from unwanted and inherently dangerous industrial projects like hydraulic fracturing. We challenge corporate law used by industry to sue communities standing in their way, something that all too many Colorado communities are currently struggling against.

The campaign for the Colorado Community Rights Amendment is kicking off with a groundbreaking fund raising video hosted on INDIEGOGO. The five minute video provides a clear route forward for Colorado addressing the problem of fighting fracking and the corporate power that forces it upon us. The video also focuses on the national implications of our community rights campaign.

State Ballot in 2016

The Colorado Community Rights Amendment will be resubmitted to the state in 2015 requiring 125,000 signatures to be ballot-ready. It will be a busy year of grassroots organizing to prepare the amendment for a full vote by the people of Colorado.

The Will of the People has spoken, and with your help, community rights will succeed in 2016. We need your help getting the amendment on the ballot and defending our initiative from corporate media attacks. Please check out our video and support our campaign by donating to the Colorado Community Rights Network. We need your financial assistance!

Our heartfelt thanks to all that have helped community rights achieve so much in such little time! Together we are driving the conversation that sets the tone for true democratic power and community level decision making. This is our civil rights movement where our families and our state stand at an unprecedented crossroads. Let’s make the 2015-2016 election cycle a real turning point against corporate power.

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