Listen to CELDF’s radio program – Democracy Matters – every Thursday at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific at KYRS, Spokane’s Thin Air Community Radio.  You can also podcast the show each week, click on Democracy Matters.

On the program, we take a look at the PCB-contaminated Hudson River and General Electric’s efforts to avoid having to clean it up – and it raises the question of just what are our environmental laws for?  We also speak with Chad Nicholson, a community organizer with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund based in Maine.  He is working with communities facing massive water extraction projects by water bottling companies.  Lastly, we look at the Amestoy case – a federal court decision from the 1990s which overturned Vermont’s BGH labeling law, which said that forcing corporations to label their products violated their 1st Amendment constitutional rights.

Each week on Democracy Matters we bring you stories from the frontlines as communities bring rights-based organizing to their communities – asserting their local self-governing authority to make the critical decisions that affect their lives and their community.

If you are interested in having Democracy Matters broadcast on your local community radio station, give them a call and let them know.


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