First-in-the-nation action: Ecosystem files for intervention in lawsuit to defend own legal rights to exist and flourish - The Little Mahoning Watershed in Grant Township, PA, filed to intervene in a lawsuit in which PGE Corporation is claiming a corporate "right" to inject frack wastewater....


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CELDF In The News

Cleveland Scene: Enter Utica: The Fracking Industry Really Loves Ohio; Here's What's on Tap for All of Us
02/25/2015 - As the oil and gas industry expands in Ohio - with full support from ODNR and state government - communities face into what it will take to stop Goliath.
Letter-to-the-Editor: Ohio Supreme Court Ruling on Drilling Robs Rights from Communities
02/24/2015 - In a letter-to-the-editor, Portage County resident decries the Ohio Supreme Court's decision in the Munroe Falls case, and invites residents to learn what they can do about it through Community Rights. Group seeking ban on transport of fossil fuels through Columbia County
02/24/2015 - Columbia County, OR, residents advance a Community Bill of Rights to protect themselves from proposed large-scale transportation of fossil fuels as a violation of their rights to a healthy climate and to local, community self-governance.
Press Release: Oregon Files Constitutional Amendment to Secure Right to Local, Community Self-Government
02/23/2015 - ORCRN files a proposed state constitutional amendment to secure citizens' right to local, community self-government, thereby enabling the people to protect themselves from harmful corporate activities, and move towards sustainability.

From Our Blog

New CELDF Website Resources - Check it Out!
02/19/2015 - Take a look at some of our educational materials available on our site - from new video, to statements on recent state Supreme Court decisions, to our Community Rights Papers - it's all right here!
CELDF Statement: Spokane Initiative Decision
02/04/2015 - In the face of corporations and government joining together to suppress the democratic rights of the people of Spokane, WA, to vote on a Community Bill of Rights, last week the Washington Court of Appeals overturned an earlier ruling and ordered the initiative be placed back on the ballot for a vote of the people.
MGX: Sustainable vs renewable and why ecosystems have rights
02/01/2015 - Blogger Magix of Coos County, OR, reviews a recent, standing room only meeting regarding their Community Bill of Rights initiative that would protect the community from LNG pipelines projects. The meeting included distinguishing between "renewable" and "sustainable" - the latter being locally-based and community controlled.
Volatility: We Need GMO Abolition, Not Labeling
12/22/2014 - Blogger Russ reviews why labeling GMOs misses the point: People have a right to abolish GMOs - not just know whether or not their food contains them. He urges grassroots, Community Rights Movement building to achieve that end.