State & National Networks

For the past decade, CELDF’s organizing has focused on the grassroots. Over that time, we’ve assisted the first-in-the-nation communities to ban corporate threats such as shale gas drilling and fracking, factory farming, and sewage sludging. This organizing has evolved to address those necessary changes in our structure of law that allows corporations, hand-in-hand with our state and federal government, to override the best interests of people, communities, and nature.

Now we are beginning to build on our grassroots organizing, to drive change to the state level.

We are bringing together communities from across states in which we’ve been organizing to build State Community Rights Networks. We launched the Pennsylvania Community Rights Network in 2010. We hired our first network coordinator in 2012 and are now building county-level chapters across the state. Through the county chapters, we are accelerating our local organizing as we build a critical mass of support for making higher level change. Building on this work in Pennsylvania, in 2012 we worked with our local partners in New Mexico to launch the New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights. In Washington State, we convened a gathering to establish the Washington Community Rights Network. In 2013, communities across New Hampshire, Oregon, and Ohio came together to launch the New Hampshire Community Rights Network, Oregon Community Rights Network, and Ohio Community Rights Network. And in January 2014, Colorado communities initiated the Colorado Community Rights Network.

Colorado Community Rights Network
New Hampshire Community Rights Network
New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights
Ohio Community Rights Network
Oregon Community Rights Network
Pennsylvania Community Rights Network
Washington Community Rights Network
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