The Ohio River Speaks

Ohi:yo’ – “beautiful river”

Originally named Ohi:yo’ – “beautiful river” – by the Seneca, the Ohio River is now the United States’ most polluted river. The dominant culture teaches us to view natural beings like the Ohio River as objects to be used, consumed, and destroyed for human benefit. This is a primary reason the destruction of the natural world is intensifying. How would our relationship to the natural world change if, instead of viewing nonhumans as objects, we viewed them as living beings capable of speaking to us? As allies who desire to communicate valuable lessons to us?

Photo by Melissa Troutman

Follow Will Falk, practicing CELDF Rights of Nature attorney and author of How Dams Fall: On Representing the Colorado River in the First-Ever American Lawsuit Seeking Rights for a Major Ecosystem, on  his journey along the Ohio River. Will is traveling the Ohio River Basin and asking the Ohio River “who are you?” and “what do you need?”

Will is listening to what she has to say about her experiences – her pain and reality as the most polluted river – but also capturing her beauty and strength as a powerful river and life-supporting ecosystem.

Follow his journey through his writing, photographs, and recordings as he builds a personal relationship with the Ohio River.

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