New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights

In June 2012, CELDF partnered with residents from several New Mexico communities to launch the New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights (NMCCR). The Coaliton was initiated from the momentum of the Community Rights Ordinance drafted by CELDF and adopted by the City Council of Las Vegas in April 2012. The first in the state, the ordinance prohibits shale gas drilling and fracking within the municipality and asserts the sovereign rights of residents, including to protect the rights of nature.

A similar ordinance was adopted in 2013 by the Mora County Commissioners. Industry intervention in the governance of the community resulted in a highly politicized legal defeat. The replacement of community-minded Commissioners by corporate-friendly officials led to the rejection of CELDF legal support and their decision not to appeal the negative court ruling.

New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights Declaration

For more information, contact CELDF at info@celdf.org or 717-498-0054.