Championing Rights of Nature:
Easement in Eden


What can one person do as we face environmental devastation?

Meet CELDF champion Joan Porter, of Kauai. A private landowner, she established a conservation easement for eight acres of her land, preserving it and guaranteeing its Rights of Nature to exist, thrive, regenerate and evolve in perpetuity.

“Rights of Nature is already in the air, the sea, and the people of Hawaii, so recognizing legal Rights of Nature on land that is in my name came quite easily for me,” Porter explains. “I established the easement in hopes that other landowners and governments will also understand the need to change the status of nature from property to bearing rights.”

Join the fight and become a champion for nature!

CELDF assisted Porter in the drafting of the easement, which contains provisions on climate change, genetic engineering, restriction of corporate rights, and enforcement language. It is the first Rights of Nature conservation easement on the Hawaiian Islands, and the second locality where a private landowner in the U.S. changed the status of nature through an easement to recognize the rights of ecosystems and natural communities in perpetuity.

What else does this change? An entire paradigm.

For generations, humans have been treating Nature as a corporate slave, existing merely for use in creating profits – leaving environmental devastation as the legacy.

As the latest Climate Assessment report from the federal government states unequivocally, climate change is part of that devastating legacy. The Science Daily states that it is, “affecting the natural environment, agriculture, energy production and use, land and water resources, transportation, and human health and welfare across the U.S. and its territories.”

Recognizing Rights of Nature begins to transform a legacy of devastation to one of healing and renewal. It starts with us.

I established the easement in hopes that other landowners and governments will also understand the need to change the status of nature from property to bearing rights.
- Joan Porter, Hawaii Rights of Nature Champion

That’s why CELDF encourages communities to come together, raise their voices, advance their community rights, and change their laws to acknowledge that Nature and ecosystems have inalienable rights, as well – to exist and thrive.

Growing those communities and changing the laws takes time. You want to do something now, and you’re just one person. What is one thing can you do, today?

Donate to CELDF.

Joan Porter is a champion for Rights of nature. You can help support her and others like her working to recognize legal rights of nature and and be a CELDF Champion, too.

Here’s what your monthly support can do in 2019:

  • $5 per month provides course materials for two Rights of Nature workshop participants
  • $10 per month ensures 3 community members can attend a Rights of Nature workshop, teaching the tools needed to advance the rights of ecosystems to flourish and evolve.
  • $20 per month meets court filing fees to establish a Rights of Nature easement

Here’s what your one time donation can do:

  • $100 covers travel expenses for an organizer to speak at a public meeting on Rights of Nature in the U.S.
  • $250 provides partial travel expenses for an organizer to speak at events internationally.
  • $500 meets attorney costs to draft a Rights of Nature easement.
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Featured image: Back to Hawaii by Trey Ratcliff, Flickr Creataive Commons