Key Issues

Other Issues

The community rights movement is not primarily about solving single issue assaults on our communities, and it is not at all limited to environmental issues. It is about recognizing and changing the legal and governing system that allows states and the federal government to license and permit harms against individuals, communities and nature. It is about removing the obstacles that legalize the violation of inalienable rights in the places we live.

On this site we document some of the rights-violating corporate activities imposed on communities we’ve assisted. These violations are not glitches in an otherwise well-functioning system. They are violations of basic rights that go on daily, with the blessing of state and federal regulatory agencies.

Our list of these assaults on individuals and community rights can be extended to the denial of:

  • Social Justice Rights
  • Education Rights
  • Neighborhood Rights
  • Worker Rights

If you have any questions or need help fighting an issue in your community, contact us at info@celdf.org