You’re invited to Join Us!

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is joining with Move to Amend to sponsor a national Symposium (April 29-30, 2022) focusing on systems change. The purpose of this venture is to spark a national conversation amongst activist movements to address the underlying factors that drive the issues we are all passionate about. We think that your organization can help strengthen our collective efforts, so we are inviting you to participate as a co-sponsor of this Symposium. 

Expanding self-governance, preventing climate collapse, empowering workers, protecting public health, returning Indigenous sovereignty, defunding violence, achieving equality for all, and preserving the environment are just a spattering of the interrelated issues that are worthy of a united effort. It is time to come together. Let’s have a conversation about our issues, our strategies, and how we can truly unite to enact change. 

We have attached our initial proposal for the Symposium. This is a living document and will likely change and benefit from your input. 

Please let us know by September 17, 2021, if you are interested. Additionally, you are invited to join one of our upcoming planning meetings to learn more. We can be reached by the email or phone number listed below to answer any questions. Please RSVP using the button below or contact us with questions.

Thank you,

Stacey L. Schmader, CELDF
Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Move to Amend
National Director