Host a Virtual Democracy School

Igniting a Rights Movement for Communities and Nature

Democracy School is a stimulating and illuminating virtual course that teaches residents and activists an empowering new approach on how to reframe exhausting and often discouraging single-issue work – such as opposing fracking, overdevelopment, and pesticides, or advocating for worker rights, housing access, and protecting water – in a way that we can confront corporate control and government interference on a powerful front: the people’s right of local self-governance and Nature’s rights.

Educating your community is one of the most powerful steps toward change you can make. Here are the details for our upcoming virtual Democracy School event:

The virtual democracy school consists of 4 modules organized as lecture/presentations, and group breakout discussions.

  • Module 1: Where We Are Now – Exposing Intentional Barriers to Community Self-Determination
  • Module 2: How Did We Get Here? The Power of Property
  • Module 3: How We Could Make Change – Asserting Rights
  • Module 4: Where We Could End Up – Building a Movement for Real Change

Please use the contact form below if you are interested in hosting a virtual Democracy School in your community!

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