Screening of Invisible Hand in Ashtabula, Ohio

What’s Happening?

Ashtabula, Ohio, residents are beginning to ask questions about why the state of Ohio is not protecting their health, safety, and welfare. They are beginning to question if the regulatory system acts on behalf of fossil fuel and other harmful corporate industries, rather than on their behalf.

As part of their exploration, they are hosting this screening of Invisible Hand, a documentary about Grant Township, Pennsylvania, residents working with CELDF to protect their community from the fossil fuel industry. They are learning about Community Rights and Rights of Nature.

CELDF’s Ohio organizer, Tish O’Dell, is participating in this event.


November 20th, 6:00 p.m.


Ashtabula County District Library
4335 Park Ave
Ashtabula, OH

Join Us!

This event is sponsored by the Ashtabula NAACP and Moving Forward Together, Individisible Ashtabula County.

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