Redefining Environmentalism For The Climate Emergency

what’s happening?

East Boulder County United is proud to host First Nation water protector Waniya Locke and CELDF’s Executive Director Thomas Linzey. The presentation and discussion will include local community members and address the most pressing questions of our time.

What does environmentalism mean in an age of climate emergency?

On a national and global level communities are struggling underneath a system that defines our activism for us. It tells us what actions and talking points are acceptable, selects our spokespeople, and narrows the spectrum of what are considered to be agreeable forms of dissent and influence. It is also this same system which is the driving force behind global ecological collapse and climate disruption.

Acceptable forms of dissent are not working and something has to change.

Join us to discuss and explore what environmentalism for the climate emergency can look like, what communities are doing now to build power for people and the natural world, and to craft the ideas behind a new environmental movement.


Sunday, April 28th, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. MDT


Lafayette Public Library
775 W Baseline Rd
Lafayette, CO  80026

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