We the People 2.0 in Plymouth, NH

what’s happening?

The New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) believes those affected by governing decisions should be the ones making them. NHCRN is sponsoring a screening of We the People 2.0 as part of their Community Rights Awareness Campaign.

New Hampshire residents face the Northern Pass Transmission project, industrial wind projects, oil and gas pipelines, and water contamination from harmful corporate projects. We the People 2.0 shares stories from communities across the country that are organizing against environmental threats like these. They are confronting our structure of law, which elevates the rights of corporations over the rights of people, communities, and nature, and creating the communities they envision.

Communities right here in New Hampshire have decided to take hold of their constitutional right to assemble to legally confront and block the revolving door of permitting and regulation that continues to allow industry to pollute our air, waters, and lands.

Growing across the nation, the Community Rights movement is working toward amendments to state constitutions that will establish the rights of nature across the country, thereby setting precedent to amend the Federal Constitution so that it protects not commerce and the rights of corporations but our quality of life, which necessarily means recognizing and protecting the rights of ecosystems.

Following the screening, Michelle Sanborn of CELDF will facilitate a Q&A session.


Thursday, September 28th, 6:00 p.m.


Plymouth State University
Harold E. Hyde Hall in Room #220
Plymouth, NH

join us!

For more information, contact Sue Ozkan at sue@nhcommunityrights.org