New England

The Legal Defense Fund partnered with Barnstead, New Hampshire’s selectmen and community members to prohibit the corporatization of water sources in 2006. Barnstead was the first municipality in the United States to subordinate corporations to the governing authority of the people as a way to prohibit water withdrawals within the town. Four towns in New Hampshire and two in Maine have joined in this effort to place the control of water in the hands of real people, not subject to the exploitative mindset of the world’s water miners. In 2008, Barnstead and Nottingham joined Tamaqua Borough in recognizing the inalienable rights of natural communities and ecosystems. In New England, water has been the focus for asserting the right of people to make governing decisions that affect them in  the communities where they live. All government of right originates from the people. Join the movement for local self-governing rights by calling CELDF today.