Community Rights State Law Center: Model Constitutional Amendments

CELDF’s Community Rights State Law Center provides model state legislation and state constitutional amendments to people and groups working to expand local self-governance authority.

The goal of both the model state legislation and constitutional amendments is to provide a template for state-level change - change that envisions the liberation of municipalities and communities to expand civil and political rights for individuals and communities, recognize the rights of nature, and elevate those rights above the “rights” currently claimed by corporations and other business entities.

While serving as models and templates for state legislation and constitutional amendments, the bills and amendments listed within the State Law Center should be reviewed by legal counsel licensed to practice in individual states, and the materials should be customized for each state within which the models are used. The materials within the State Law Center should not be construed to be the offering of legal advice or lobbying by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. 

Click on the links below for state model constitutional amendments:

New Hampshire
New Mexico