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  • Stand With Tacoma, WA, in Their Fight for Democratic Rights

    What happens in Tacoma when the people exercise their inalienable right to protect their water, and their democratic right to initiative? The corporate state strips those rights. But Tacomans are clear that they will protect their community and their water. The corporate elite’s attempts to intimidate them through the courts is failing.

    Stand up with the people of Tacoma as they fight to protect their right to water and their right to vote!

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  • Sign Up Now to Support Youngstown, OH, Fighting for Community Rights

    Youngstown, OH, residents, like many communities across the U.S., live under a structure of law and governance that favors big business exploitation and profits over the democratic and environmental rights of communities. With the oil and gas industry and their own local government working against them, the Youngstown community refuses to give up.

    Sign up now to show support for their uncompromising commitment to protect their community.

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