We the People 2.0 Screening in Barnstead, NH

what’s happening?

Barnstead, NH, has made history twice, enacting the first-in-the-nation Water Rights Ordinance in 2006 and the first-in-the-nation Freedom from Religious ID Requirements in 2016. They are hosting a screening of We the People 2.0 – The Second American Revolution, continuing to educate residents about their right to create the community they envision. The film will be followed by Q&A hosted by CELDF’s New Hampshire Organizer, Michelle Sanborn.

The New Hampshire Community Rights Network is co-sponsoring the film through their Community Rights Awareness Campaign which focuses on educating residents and elected officials about local community self-government, essential to achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability in communities across the state.


Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.


Oscar Foss Memorial Library
111 South Barnstead Rd.
Center Barnstead, NH

join us!

For more information, contact NHCRN: info@nhcommunityrights.org